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Welcome to the most beautiful and rare sea glass in the world. We specialize in Davenport sea glass for sale which comes from the remnants of the Lundberg Art Glass Studio. This remnant art glass made its way into the sea years ago during a flood. A wide variety of rare colors can be found including pink, purple, orange, yellow, multi-color and red sea glass.

Collecting pieces at Davenport is more of an extreme sport than a casual walk along the beach that many sea glass collectors may associate with finding pieces. It often requires hunters to brave strong waves, rip currents and an occasional sneaker wave to collect the coveted pieces. Wetsuits are a must, and shovels and scoopers are common tools of the trade. Most of those who collect have been injured at some point, from the common cuts and bruises to more serious sprains, dislocated joints, broken bones and concussions. There have even been a few unfortunate deaths. In other words, those collecting have to take much more risk in order to get these pieces as compared to most places.

Even with these dangers, many feel the risks are worth the rewards since the ocean tumbles the colorful Davenport remnant glass into amazingly beautiful multi-colored Davenport sea glass jewels. Once you see this sea glass, it's difficult not to want at least one piece for your collection. It should not come as a surprise that the pieces found at Davenport are highly prized by both collectors and jewelers for their beauty and uniqueness.

We hope you enjoy looking through the many pieces of rare sea glass for sale. If you have any questions about the sea glass or about Davenport, California, feel free to contact us at any time.