Is It Worth Sea Glass Hunting at Davenport in Summer?

If you’ve never been to Davenport before, but you’ve decided to come to try and find sea glass, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up being disappointed. The simple reason for this is that for much of the year, you won’t be able to find much sea glass. When I first heard about Davenport, I went a half-dozen times and didn’t find a single piece. It got to the point where I actually thought it was a myth or tall tale that others were telling.

Unlike at many beaches where sea glass can be found year-round, that’s not the case for Davenport Beach. There’s definitely a sea glass season and off-season, with the summer being the off-season. Since people often have more of an opportunity to come to Davenport in the summer, a question that’s often asked is whether or not it’s worth planning a trip to Davenport to sea glass hunt in the summer?

If you’re a serious hunter, and the sole purpose of coming to Davenport is to try to find a wide variety of sea glass, it’s likely not worth your time to come in the summer. While it’s certainly possible to find sea glass in the summer, it’s much less likely than in the winter, and the pieces will be a lot smaller. Often the sand is piled so high that it’s next to impossible to even dig for sea glass

If you do decide to come in the summer, your best bet (while still not a very good one) is to come at low tide. The tides and swells aren’t usually strong enough in the summer to bring gravel up onto the beach or to wash away the large amount of sand that’s accumulated. If there happens to be a bit of gravel, it will likely be in the waves, so your greatest opportunity will be scooping in the waves (You will need a wetsuit to do this even in summer.). 

Davenport is still a wonderful and beautiful beach to visit in the summer, it just doesn’t usually have a lot of sea glass to find. If the reason you’ve decided to come is to search for sea glass, you will want to choose a winter month rather than a day or weekend during the summer. While coming in the winter still won’t guarantee that you will find any sea glass (It really can change from day to day, and depending on the year, there can be none over the entire winter.), it will greatly increase your chances over the summertime.