Davenport Sea Glass Hunting Seasons

One of the unique aspects of sea glass hunting at Davenport is there’s a sea glass hunting season. Unlike many beaches where you can find sea glass year round, it’s much more difficult to find pieces at certain times of the year than at other times.

The key to finding sea glass at Davenport is to find the gravel. The sea glass tends to congregate in the same area where the gravel is present, so you have a much better chance at finding pieces if you are searching in areas with a lot of gravel present.

Davenport Sea Glass Season

The glassing season usually begins at the end of November when the first big storms come through. The storms and tides need to be strong enough to take all the sand out to reveal the gravel. It will usually last through the winter and into the early spring, at which point the storms and tides will weaken and sand will begin covering the gravel. The glassing season usually ends in late April to early May. 

It’s important to note that just because you go during the “sea glass season” doesn’t mean it will be easy to find sea glass. The conditions at Davenport literally change daily, and you can have an excellent day of hunting one day and then find absolutely nothing the next day. There have been years where no gravel ever appeared during the winter, even after storms. It’s this never knowing how conditions will be that makes it exciting heading down the hill when you arrive.

That being said, there are situations that will increase the chances the hunting will be better. Storms and strong tides tend to take sand out and reveal gravel. Calmer tides and clear days don’t seem to stir up the gravel as much.  

Davenport Sea Glass Off-Season

When the tides weaken and there aren’t any more storms, the sand begins to pile up on Davenport beach, covering the gravel. As the sand comes in, it becomes much more difficult to find the sea glass. You can dig for sea glass, but this will become more difficult and take a lot more energy as the sand gets deeper and deeper. 

Most people want to know if they can find sea glass during the off-season. While it is possible to find tiny pieces, there will likely be slim pickings. It just ends up being difficult to find sea glass at Davenport when there isn’t any gravel. While it is possible to dig for sea glass early in the off-season, it gets progressively more difficult as the sand accumulates deeper and deeper over the gravel. For those who are going for the sole purpose of finding sea glass (as opposed to enjoying the beauty at Davenport Beach), you should plan your trip in the winter as opposed to the summer for the best chances to score.