Davenport World Globe Pieces

One of the best aspects of searching for sea glass at Davenport is the wide variety of different colors and shapes of glass that can be found. You just never know exactly what you’ll find with the next piece that you pick up. The variety is immense compared to most beaches, and those who collect there quickly learn about the different types of sea glass they hope to one day find.

There are a wide variety of names given to describe the different pieces found at Davenport Beach by those who find sea glass there. These include mushrooms, onions, star canes and starbursts to name just a few. Another type of sea glass coveted by many collectors at Davenport is the “world globes” or “earth” pieces.

While it can often be difficult to identify exactly where a piece of sea glass came from at Davenport, the world globe pieces are ones that can often be identified. One of the art glass pieces Lundberg Studios is most famous for are for their world globe paperweights. These are mostly done in a cobalt blue:

Although there are other colors as well, such as teal:

And there can be variations as ones with cloud cover:

What they all have in common are land masses done in brown (or white in the regions covered in snow) to represent the different continents of the world. It’s these landmasses which make it possible to identify the world globe sea glass. Below are some samples of world globe pieces:

The world globe pieces are highly sought after by Davenport collectors and most hunters strive to add at least one quality piece to their collection. If you are interested in adding a world globe piece to your collection, we do have them for sale from time to time